Health and lifestyle benefits of linen bedding

Health and lifestyle benefits of linen bedding

Organic and natural products have been trending in the grocery store for awhile, interior designers are notice taking notice of their clients asking for more green based products in the home category as well, and for good reason, too! Where better to start then your bedroom, it is the place we all spend the most amount of time. Linen Sheets are the perfect investment to make if you want to make your home more natural. They’re sustainable, long lasting, toxin and additive free as well. Of course, all of that comes with a plethora of health benefits. 

Apart from being responsible for comfortable sleeping, flax linen sheets are perfect for adults and children with skin related issues such as  dermatitis, pseriosis and emphazima due to its microbial and hypo allergenic properties. Rather then snuggling up to plastic polyesters every night, make smart decisions with your bedding to protect family and kids from chronic illnesses and regulate the temperatures of your body with Flax Linen Sheets.  Other than providing these physical benefits, linen is a major stress reliever as well. European Spas use linen fabric to cleanse slags, revitalize the skin and produce a healing effect on the body. However, what is the reason behind this? Why linen? Let's dig into the scientific aspects.



Flax cells and human cells are complementary to each other at an electronic cellular level. In fact, the human cell can entirely absorb a flax cell. Moreover, they seem to be the only threads suitable for sutures during surgical procedures. This compatibility has a great positive impact on the human body when linen comes into contact with them, allowing the sutures to dissolve within the human body.


Vibrational frequencies matter because they are one of the many criteria in the scientific community of what is considered healthy and what isn’t. Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, a Nobel prize-winning scientist, identified a spectrum of frequencies of objects ranging from chronic diseases to healthy.

With 50 being the number of chronic diseases, 15 being that for diagnosed incurable conditions like cancer, linen stands at 5000 vibrational frequency. This means that linen bedding would have healing qualities significantly greater than those of cotton, hemp, and silk, which stand at 40, 80 and 100 respectively.

No one is entirely sure why this is, but it has all been practically and historically proven to be true. Flax, in Latin, stands for ‘the most useful’ and even in orthodox  religious scriptures do we find mentions of linen in the use of holy attire.



Linen fabric has a light massaging effect because of the small gaps in between the threads of the fabric. This stimulates blood flow and promotes relaxation. Organic linen sheets, in particular, are extremely gentle on the skin, and people with extra sensitive skin can find a lot of comfort in linen sheets.

Linen fabric has antimicrobial quality. This means it suppresses all microbes including bacteria, fungi, and pollen. This also makes it a hypoallergenic as well. In fact, linen helps prevent many allergic disorders, reduces the risk of inflammatory conditions, and aids effective respiration as well.

According to Japanese researchers, bed-ridden patients with sores do not develop them when the sheets comprise of linen. Other studies link linen with a decreased risk of many skin diseases, like rashes and eczemas, which microbes can cause.

In fact, research shows that you enjoy a better quality of sleep if you use linen bedding. Moreover, these hypoallergenic and antimicrobial qualities must directly contribute to it.


Houses collect radioactive gases called radon, particularly true for houses, which have tight plastic windows. This is formed by the uranium disintegration, and that is present in the ground and the concrete.

Flax is a great fabric for use as a filter against chemical exposure, noise, and dust. Linen absorbs half the number of gamma rays than other fabrics, thereby protecting anyone who surrounds themselves with linen. In fact, linen fiber extracted from soil is entirely resistant to harmful UV rays. 


Linen fabric absorbs moisture rapidly and gives it up just as quick. Tests show that the average coolness for linen is 60 out of a 100, and its hollow core helps hold fifty times more water as cotton –which makes it the most appropriate for people who are heavy sweaters.

Linen is always fresh and cool, and very effectively aids inflammatory conditions, reduces fever, and provides a healthy respiratory exchange. Linen fabric can aid in the treatment and management of many neurological and allergic disorders. Hence, using clothes and bedding comprising of linen fabric is a great idea.

This makes it the perfect choice for people who suffer from night sweat or other unpleasant menopausal side effects.  Moreover, the absorption feature allows linen to destroy bad odors as well –particularly when used in the internal surfaces of footwear.


A recent study evaluating the "The Efffects of Fabric for Sleepwear and Bedding on Sleep at Ambient Temperatures" completed by Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney concluded that the microclimate of your sleep environment has a direct effect on sleep health. An important factor of sleep health includes how one might “optimize” bedding for sleep health based on the fabric an indivual may sleep in. Linen is a super breathable fabric, allowing warmth in the winters and retaining the cold during the summers. This breathability also comes with minimal heat retention, and therefore minimal sweating.

No matter the kind of temperature you live in, keeping your body within a certain temperature can have a huge impact on your sleep cycle. Linen has five times the heat conductivity of wool. Hence, it helps you maintain body temperature five times as much as cotton and nineteen times as that of silk. According to some studies, a person wearing linen clothing sweats nearly twice as less as a person wearing cotton. The same automatically applies to linen bedding as well.


A good night’s sleep is absolutely crucial for physical health and mental health both. Sleep is a relief for the brain and getting a good night’s rest will help you manage your everyday stress. Moreover, you can prepare for the mundane or non-mundane tasks the next day.  

While there are many ways to set your sleep schedule right, one of the easiest one is simply putting on some linen bedding. Linen clothes provide a sensation of natural and gentle stress relief. The fabric is pleasant to touch, looks beautiful, and becomes softer with every wash.  In addition, they are all natural, breathable and easily adjust to your body temperature while being environment-friendly.

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