7 Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothing

7 Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothing

There was a time in history when linen clothing was only available to the creme de la creme of society: priests, knights, monarchs… However, in the 16th century, flax cultivation became widespread and linen was introduced to more and more people, eventually leading to what we have today: a wide variety of high-quality linen items ranging from bedding to bath, kitchen and table linens, and, undoubtedly, linen clothing.

The latter is especially praised. People who wear linen often say they can’t imagine wearing any other material, especially in the summer. They go as far as claiming that linen clothes have healing properties.

But is it all true? What does linen have over other materials that makes it so sought-after? From our experience, there are at least seven benefits of linen clothing that make it unique and hardly replaceable.


Linen is known as the world’s strongest natural fiber and is far more durable than cotton. The strength of the fiber directly contributes to the strength of the fabric the garment is made of. Thus, linen clothing is very long-lasting.

A good cotton t-shirt can last you a few seasons but a linen top or a dress will go way beyond that. Linen clothes will not lose their shape after washing, if anything, they will become softer and more pleasant to the skin over time. One shouldn’t assume linen is indestructible but it sure is resilient. If properly looked after, it’s possible your linen garments won’t disintegrate for generations to come.

Easy to care for

Above we mentioned that appropriate care is important to linen garments. However, that doesn’t mean it requires super special treatment. Linen garments can be machine washed — all you need to bear in mind is to use cold water and not use bleach or detergents with optical whiteners, as those tend to weaken the fiber. You can tumble dry your linen clothes or hang them to dry naturally.

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